About Us

Flib Collection is one of the subsidiary companies under Fashion Library Berhad. We are considered the largest clothing rental platform in Malaysia. We provide a variety of choices including evening gowns, women workwear and winter clothes for rent.

Several surveys have shown that the textile and clothing industry is one of the most, if not the most polluting industries in the world. As the purveyor of the new culture, we strive to cultivate acceptance towards the rental of daily clothing and accessories while eliminating the stereotypes and doubts about such practice. Instead of purchasing, we help to filter unnecessary waste of clothes that are driven by overconsumption through renting.

We strive to be the leading fashion business in SEA by providing quality, variety of choice and convenience. Our goal is to make every woman more fashionable, while reducing the waste of resources as much as possible. Besides, our new paradigm of lifestyle integration will bring excitement and vigor back to ladies fashion.

Our mission is to provide high quality clothing and accessories to meet the niche needs of our clients, in a hassle free, multi-integrated platform.